Tuesday, February 3, 2015

William Britain Deetail Knights and Saracens

A Tour of my Collection

Welcome to the encampment.  Here we have two pavilions of unknown origin that I often use for bases or camp headquarters.

The Saracen army.  I based these on 3" squares of matboard and built the armies to matching sets of three "battles" or wings.  Each wing has two stands of mounted, two stands of foot, and one missile troop.

Saracen mounted.


Saracen foot commands.

Looking sinister.

Saracen missile troops.  No archers for them, javelin/spear throwers.

Mounted silver Deetail Knights.

Three "battles" of knights.

Chivalry at its finest.
Mounted knights.

Archers and foot knights.  Organized into three wings.  Left, right and center battles for pretty typical scrums of medieval gaming.



And again.

Whole collection fits tidily into a plastic under-bed storage tray with lid.


  1. What a great collection...takes me back a few years to my own youth where the Deetaik knights were always in the front rank on account of their heavier metal bases.

  2. Beautiful! Always a great joy to see another Britains Deetail collector's collection! I really like seeing them based like that too. I must try HOTT with Britains Deetails some time. I usually play Chainmail or Warhammer with them. Look forward to seeing more of these guys on your great blog!

  3. Hi
    Newbie here. I am amassing a large collection of Britain's Saracens and Knights and basing them on individual MDF 50x25mm bases. Also doing some repaints and fitting flags. Would love to share pics and info but not sure how to here.

  4. Al,
    Send your email to kenneth_vanpelt AT comcast.net
    You know what to do if your not a robot spam bot or whatever...