Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Glorious 21st of June Convention Battle 2007

From a pre-blog convention folder.  I thought I would add a post from the days before my blog started of a great convention game our club did at the Lee's Summit Recruits convention in 2007. 
For your Nautical Eye Candy Pleasure:
 The Glorious 21st of June

The goal was to host a convention naval game of such size that it had to be played on the floor in a school gymnasium.  This game lasted over two days and two sessions.  We did the first half of the battle line on Friday and then the second half of the battle line on Saturday.

 Neat little ships I picked up from Dollar General.

The firing line.

The melee, signal close action.


  1. Very Nice! I haven't seen these ships in the dollar stores for many years now. I wish I had bought some.

  2. Glorious-looking game, sir. Sadly I can no longer get down on my knees . . . okay, more correctly, once down I could not get back up . . . so floor games are no longer possible for me.

    -- Jeff

  3. Excellent looking game. Great idea to use those cheap ships.

  4. I was not afraid of someone stepping on or knocking over one of those inexpensive ships. I wouldn't have liked it but they were only a couple of dollars each so they made a great item to use for such a large game. Thanks for the comments and looking in on the blog.