Tuesday, February 3, 2015

NT One Hour Wargames Scenario 15 and the Finale to the Medieval Campaign

Finale to the 3 game campaign.  Red general has deployed his army #2 onto the table 24" in from the North edge of the table.  Two units are deployed into the fortified towns.  Both of these units are levies.  This give them suitable protection and the ability to man the cities' missile weapons.
Red Army deployment.  The units are double stands from my Britains collection.  Previous battles used only one stand per unit.  This bulked up the table and looked really nice in my imagination.  In the above image we are looking North from the Blue army lines.  We see two towns/encampments with fortification and an impenetrable wood on the Eastern battlefield.
"Come and get some!", Red commander, Battle 3.

The Blue host.  Army number #4 is on the go line and ready to take the first turn.

And they have opened the battle with archery fire on the Western fort.

Glorious 54s.

From North looking South

Red attacks the blue line and does significant damage.

Cry Havoc!  The tumult of battle!

Battle rages during turn two.

Red knights break in the center.  They were flanked by blue men at arms.

Trading damage.  Blue now loses a unit of knights and is also weak in the center.

When it is your turn you must score hits.  This is an impetus, aggressive game.

Red loses another knight retinue that was supporting the Western fort.

Western fort falls.  The levy breaks and runs.  It took a lot of turns.  This is likely turn 6 or 7.

Northern fort stands tough.  Two units of blue are headlong retreat to the baseline.

This scenario allows blue to "refit".  Here in the late turns of the game comes the reloaded full blue army.  A glorious chivalric wall of steal and horse ride down the Northern fort.

Fifteen hits and another levy breaks.

Turn 13 and Blue takes the two fortified encampments.

Thanks for looking in.
If this were to continue the next two scenarios would be 22 and then 28.  All randomly rolled.  I think I am going to go back to the beginning because now I feel I have the rules down to memory and the game could be played pretty quickly with a minimal setup time.  Probably could solo a five game campaign in an evening.  Not bad.  Not Morschauser, but not bad.

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