Friday, February 6, 2015

Iraquistan HotT Micro Armor in the Sandbox

The Secondhand Lions Thursday night game featured a micro armor roll through an ISIS occupied city in the imagi-Nation of Iraquistan.  Our US force encountered randomly generated combat operations against insurgent forces using Hordes of the Things as our base mechanic.  

The full map of Iraquistan

The opium fields and farm estates.

A view of the US base.

The insurgent encounter chart.  The rumikubes tiles were randomly placed on the map and when these specific tiles were drawn then these pieces entered the game board and fought the US forces.  The key to victory was to find and destroy the insurgent HQ code name "red 13".

The US column winds past an old mosque.  War weary civilians watch as the column progresses by.

The US column has crossed the earth berm and is in a sweep formation for the village perimeter.

Attack choppers search for insurgents.

IED exploding in the distance.

Micro armor in the sandbox.

Civilian casualties are to be avoided at all cost.

Lower left is where the cat hit the fan...

US sweep.

Some Tangos...

and some more.

New internally displaced persons.

Nice little farm in prime opium country.

Wall crashing with the armored company.  M1A2 Tusks doing some compound remodeling.

Air assault.

A small sideshow hornet's nest is cleared by HQ platoon and the tankers.

Aloha snack-bar.

Aerial shot of the fight.

Red 13 is busted open by 1st platoon.  Reduced successfully and the village is declared friendly.

US marines of 1st platoon go through the walls.

Game over.

Second game of the night was a NERF clearing of an Iraquistan compound.  The 1/32 scale compound was seeded with Liberty Deck playing cards. (This is the identity recognition deck from Desert Storm.)  We were on the hunt for Saddam Hussein.  The Ace of Spades card was in the mix and we would encounter him and his body guard in the compound.

So this fire line above was generated from this miniatures encounter as the Bradley fighting vehicle disgorged it's US troops into the fight....

Comin' for you like a spider monkey Saddam...

See the above live action firing line that this move generated.  Knock knock knock.

This is a sniper's view of the compound.  We had a sniper picking off targets that were spotted on the rooftop.

This game concluded too soon.  Saddam apparently was at the front door of his super secret hide out and was found and shot after a significant shoot out with US troops.  It took three rounds to get him but hey a wins a win.

Who puts the dragon in the first room of the dungeon?  Pfft... oh well maybe next time.

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