Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bob Wire Entanglements in Hordes in the Trenches

My friend Bob showed me how to make this wire entanglement for 1/72 scale WWI wargaming.  So how do you make Bob wire?  Well the photo slide show below is how I made 6 feet of the stuff for my upcoming Hordes in the Trenches game.

Here we have some barbed wire.

 Looks pretty real.  Each of the sections is based on a 20mm x 60mm cardstock base.

The wire sections are made by rolling a single thread of screen wire around a dowel and then slide it off and glue into place on the barbed wire fence posts section.

You need to mass produce these because it is easier to work in great bulk when creating this stuff.

Here is a section with the wire added.

The wire is a single strand of mesh aluminum screen that you will need to cut from a screen with a pair of scissors.

That's the stuff there.

Cut from this stuff here.

I originally thought that cutting all I would need first would be to my benefit.  Not so.  I got a lot of strands out of this hairball but the stuff works just like the real thing and becomes entangling very quickly.

You will have better success if you flock your stands of wire first so that the final assembly is just gluing the wire in on top of the fence post and the terrain flocking.

This is my WWI flocking recipe for gravelly dirt and stone.  Also you can see my fence post sections taped together to make a mass assembly.

That's how you do it.  These have all been primed grey with flat grey metal primer from Waldonia.

Here is my recipe for flocking cement.  I use white glue and an acrylic paint.  Mix it and apply with a large acrylic brush.

This is how I made my fence posts.  Some are deliberately askew to give a more realistic presentation.

Here is a close up.  I made the fence posts by cutting up bamboo skewers and some wooden dowels.

Hot glue these onto your base cardstock and then prime, flock and add wire.

That's how I made Bob's wire.

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  1. Nice looking and inspired work, great job!