Friday, March 7, 2014

Hordes in the Trenches

Secondhand Lions Go "Over the Top" in 

Hordes in the Trenches

Welcome fellow wargamer to the table-side chat of the Secondhand Lion's Thursday night game of World War One.  We used 1/72 scale WW1 minis and the great rules variant for Hordes of the Things set in the time of the Great War.  Listen to the skies overhead and hear the drum of aerial engines as the brave soldiers eye deep in hell look to the front and the mist to see if there is an attack.  The above image shows Field Marshal Van Pelt's quadrant of the front.  The German command had anchored in this trench awaiting a push by the Canadians across no man's land.  

In the distance feint shapes emerge as the Canadians advance.

The command bunker calls in coordinates for a barrage.  The right flank is held by field marshal Haworth.  His artillery is exploding in fury as the mechanical clank of a tank can be heard approaching our trench.

A roar of men shouting and machine gun fire announces the advance of general Wilkowski's force.

General Carr takes the high ground.  A wary commander that wanted to see the effect of the newfangled tank contraption would watch this fight from the heights of hill number 1.  The wires were abuzz with none too complimentary comments back to headquarters about the unreliability of the beast to lumber forward and cause all the claimed destruction.

A view from the cockpit of the Fokker.  Poor bastards are getting gassed down there in the trenches.  You could always tell by that color of smoke...

The assault washes against the trench line like a bloody tide.  This would not be the day that the Germans gave up one foot of ground.

A fly by near the command bunker...

Hold the line boys.  Here we have a rifle company and a sturmtruppe with air support stopping the Canadian advance.

A view from the other side.

The trench seemed a tough nut to crack.  Even with only 1/6 of the wire emplacements.

The Canadian general sounds the retreat call.  Victory for the Germans.

The figures in today's blog are part of the collection of Ken Van Pelt.  The rules were Hordes in the Trenches variant for Hordes of the Things.  We had a  fun evening of sorting out how this game works and what we want it to look and play like.

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  1. I want to like Hordes In The Trenches, but feel that there's still bits in the author's head that aren't in the ectual rules themselves. But I've not played it yet; perhaps it plays better than it reads.

  2. I also have bought into Hordes in the Trenches and want to like it. I will probably defend it to my detriment but I like the Hordes concept and point buying system. Played again last night so I will post another game session report. We are experiencing our own rough edges.