Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MINI MECH v1.3 By Rothgar

 Odd Monday
 Begin Transmission: Proserpina

Mechwarrior action detected in Amerigo Prefecture.  Fly over images coming in now on the viewfinder.  Click images for IFF threat identification.
Image 1
This prefecture was considered long inactive but through an agent code named as ROTHGAR certain mechs and vehicles went active all of a sudden.  Intel is blaming this active post on TMP.  Agent ROTHGAR leaked public documents that led to the complete garage turmoil and unearthing of Mechwarrior units long thought to be moth-balled in storage.  It looks like Proserpina is quite active again.
 Image 2
IFF identified Kuritan Mechs of the 9th Benjamin Regulars in open contact with Highlander rebel units.  Again most confirmed sources attribute this renewed hostility to this document  Mini-Mech.  Click on the hotlinks to access all of the files....
 Image 3
Total Chaos in the prefecture.  Highlander units have taken over a major city on Amerigo.


Kuritan Counter attack.  Fought with a M.A.C.T.  of mechwarrior clix.  Big action.  Fast combat.  
Mechy feel. That's Mini-Mech v1.3.  I bragged these rules up to a gaming friend Mr. C.  On Odd Monday he and I would have another test drive of the game.  Once more the streets of Proserpina are awash in the glow of PPC fire and the staccato rhytm of the auto-cannon.
Take the high ground.

The fight at the MILK refinery.

After action pixel.

Endgame foolhardiness.  An assault mech goes for broke.

The printed evidence of agent ROTHGAR's work.

In the two games both lasted close to two hours.  The games featured combined arms of Infantry, Aircraft, Tanks, and Mechs.  48 units total divided into a mech company with supporting infantry platoons and tank lance.  I like a lot of Mini-Mech v.1.3.  The first game had a lot of maneuver that caused gambles with heat.  The second didn't get to portray that as much.  I will be tinkering with this set and will maybe align it with my old WWII rules called D-6.  I like the D6 die mechanism and have used it before.  Thanks for looking in on the blog and check back for more mechtacula action. 

Mini-Mech v1.3 is written by Sean Conlon and is available through the links in the text.
Thanks Sean for a pretty cool set of rules.


  1. Fun! It was fast and dirty mech action. Not BT, per se, but fun nonetheless.

  2. Thanks for the review! Glad you like the rules. Looks like it was a fun few games.

    I use little magnetic triangles to mark for heat/overwatch/jam. I would stick the triangle to the bottom of a mech base with the red corner showing if the mech was hot. Yellow for overwatch, blue for jams, etc.

    For damage, I have little number chits that I made up, but initially used very small dice.