Friday, February 7, 2014

Full Sail in the Lion's Den

Ahoy, jolly tars!

Slip the anchor and set sail with none other than William Azure and Rubidenus Fuchia on board the Huntress in tales of high adventure on the open ocean....

Cut. Cut. Cut.  Look we're working with a skeleton crew here and this has to happen just right.  Budgets tight and we need to get this all in one shot so look alive.


Scene IV 

...opens with the sound of roaring surf and the creak of a ship's rigging.  The Secondhand Lions have captured Lion's Port and turned it into a pirate haven.  The governor has retreated inland and the cane field slaves have burned a lot of the farms and settlement.  The island is a cacophony of crazed drunken depredation.  Seeking to make a mad dash into fame the pirate brethren have crewed two ships and make plans to set sail into the shipping roads outside of Lion's Port.  On the eve of the voyage more than half of the crew were no-shows (snowy weather kept them at home) and had to be trundled into the hold of the Gimlet.  The Huntress, was re-crewed by Captain William and Lt. Rubidenus.  The two adventuring ships set sail into the great wide open only to find a full scale naval war going on.

The British fleet had arrived at Lion's Port, escorting three heavily laden merchants and the French fleet had arrived bent on retaking Lion's Port.  The newly named Gimlet had a stunty captain at the wheel who had to have a barrel lashed before the wheel just to see over the poop deck.  Using a strategy of cunning and panache the little dwarf keenly commanded his little flotilla past the British ships to safety - only then turning twitchy and opening fire on the merchants with a black flag flying on the breeze.

The French and British fleets beat at each other.  The winds of war would declare this day for the French.  The British forced the capitulation of two French SOL, but failed to secure either and fell prey to losing one ship, the Queen to the French.

The full table view showing the player character ships in the foreground, the merchants to the fore left, British fleet in the middle ground and the French in the distance of the background.

 Great game with stalwart regulars of the Lion's Den wargames club.

The fall of the Queen to captured and struck French ships.

Tune in next time when we here Dwalin the Dwarf say.
""Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarters, or take any from you."."

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  1. I wish I could've been there. Next time....
    Did we get the merchant vessels and if so, were we able to get them back to port?