Friday, January 9, 2015

Go Get That and Bring it Over Here

A wargame night of pick up and deliver games played in the Lion's Den.  Our first offering was a Parker Brother's game from 1960 called Trade Winds.  I didn't get any images of this game play but it was our first game of the night and was a blast.  I got this copy off of Ebay and it was a bit of a grail find.
Here is the game on the table pre-event.  This is a fascinating game of pirate action in the Caribbean and plays up to six players.  We had five and the event was won by our prodigal governor Carl L. - in a fantastic epic battle in his home port.

Then we headed out west and went gold mining in the Ravensburger game, Eureka.
I pimped this game with some HO scale cowboys and Indians.  It is traditionally played with wooden meeples.  I also printed the expansion fan art cards from Boardgamegeek and we added equipment cards.  this gave us guns and gold pans a clock and a mule.
This one was won by our stalwart regular Ted C.    He made a bid for taking all my gold from a bandit and surpassing that wily Indian character Terry C.

Final game of the night was a 1956 Gabriel games Stampede.  This is another pick up cattle and move them to your coral.  The kicker in this game is that the pawns are spring loaded firing mechanisms that you use throughout the game to kill rustlers.
The man in the yellow hat (Curious George reference) won the cattle baron award and that goes to our own Terry C.

And finally here is my game room tour that I am going to post on TMP.  It is currently in vogue to show your game room, paint table and your collections of games and toy soldiers.  So welcome to the Lion's Den.

Thanks for looking in.


  1. What a treasure trove your games room is....great fun.

  2. A very den-like den, dude. Just the thing. Those board games look interesting, and all...