Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 NAWGASOC Nerf Division

Welcome to the new year and the 2015 North American Western Gunfight Association Shoot-Out Championship Nerf Division.
This semi-annual competition was held in the sleepy hamlet of Greenwood this last Thursday evening among the Secondhand Lions wargames club.
Let's look in on this event and stand table side with these outlaws and lawmen...
Greenwood, Missouri 2015 1875.

The NAWGASOC players used 1/72 scale cowboys in a cut and paste western town on a 2x2' table to maneuver and set up a line of site shot on each other.

Please bare with your erstwhile editor as I am learning Picasa Web Albums and have played overly much with the photography editor.
This shot is of the town and game room of your host Kenneth Van Pelt.

This western gunfight wargame was played out using a variety of Nerf weapons to resolve combat.  This target box was what we shot at when it was our turn to fire.  The modifiers to hit were adjusted via the size of target hole we needed to hit to score a wound on our opponents.  We shot at this target from about 4 yards away.  The smallest target hole is an inch and a quarter in diameter and the largest is five inches.

Here is an aerial view of the town we moved around.  By a card dealt initiative we took turns moving 3" using a movement stick.  This movement stick was left in place to show the path of travel for the gunfighter.  In our rules set we assumed that all of the action taking place was simultaneous and that the path of travel may be seen by an opponent so it was indeed possible to shoot at the path with of course a penalty modifier.  This sort of allowed an "OP" fire or opportunity fire overwatch. 

And now back to our melodrama...

Below we see the victory shot by our new sheriff Ted C.  Mr. Ted, on the right in this image, plugs the last outlaw, Mr. Van Pelt to take the championship 2015 NAWGASHC tin star.

When your playing piece was dealt three gunshot wounds you were eliminated from the competition.  Gunshot wounds were actual blood stickers made for the event.  You can see them in the dead shots of the killed outlaws.  

Sheriff Ted Conn.  2015 NAWGASOC champion.

Kenneth Van Pelt, last outlaw in the town of Greenwood 1875. RIP
Shot by Sheriff Conn.

The notorious Jon Mark Haworth, killed 1875 by sheriff Conn.

That wily outlaw and Nerf gunsmith Terry Carr, RIP town of Greenwood 1875.  Shot in the street by Kenneth Van Pelt.

Another scurilous villain.  D10 Billy shot at Greenwood, 1875.  Shouldn't oughta brought a derringer to a street fightin' shootout.

That south of the border nabob, Carlitos.  Plugged early on by sheriff Conn.

The death of D10 Billy.

Thanks for looking in on our blog and gaming table.  Hope you enjoyed the story and listening to the piano player play as we roll credtis.


  1. It was a hoot to play! It's one of those games you can't talk about with anyone but a gamer. Kind of like "what happens at NAWGASHC, stays at NAWGASHC"...

  2. Looks like a real hoot! Thanks for sharing, and wonder how many folks will pick up on just this approach to try on their own. I'm sorely tempted...


  3. I have posted the rules on TMP forums in the thread about my game. I will likely do an in depth rules post on the blog later. Stay tuned.