Friday, January 30, 2015

Electrabowl XXVIII Electric Football in the Lion's Den

Welcome sports fans.  On Saturday the 24th of January the Secondhand Lions gathered for their 28th playing of the electric football tournament and championship game.  This annual event has seen years of dedication by a core group of enthusiasts for the old school toy and sports game by Miggle and Tudor Games.  The images below are from this years six team double elimination format tournament of Electric Football Champions!
The Daniel Reardon trophy claimed by Ken Van Pelt and the Minnesota Vikings.  Seen here on the field in the final moments of the Carolina Panthers Minnesota Vikings Championship game.

As time expired on the clock the Panthers attempted a two point conversion and were stopped by Minnesota.  This left the game at 21 to 20 and Minnesota and coach Van Pelt would be the 2015 Electra bowl Champion.

Pregame press shot.  Minnesota vs. Carolina
Electrabowl XXVIII

San Franciso is defeated by Minnesota in a run to the championship.  Here we see a Viking receiver cross the goal line.

It will be remembered by all in attendance that the dice were the Viking's friend.  Penalties arrived to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at least on three occasions where penalties and missed field goals left teams scratching their heads in disbelief.
The shamed dice above are from the game against the Chiefs in which the kicker missed an 85% chance at scoring and winning the game for Terry C.  Minnesota went on to take over on downs and score the victory in an overtime match.
In other games interceptions were denied and reversed by penalties always in the Vikings favor.

Miniature electric football figures painted by Dan Reardon.  This was an early season game with Vikings vs. Chiefs.  These figures have been in use in this tournament for 28 years.  Older than all of my children.

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  1. You're just making this up. Those are Packer dice. Packer Backers would never aid the Vikings in any way whatsoever. If a Viking was on fire, the Packer Backers would open a bag of marshmallows.

  2. Stu,
    You are right about the colors on those die! But I tell you truly they were on my side and rooting for me?!

  3. Stu,

    Those dice sucked rotten eggs for everyone except Ken. I needed an 85 on that roll of 89. 85!!! A chip shot!

    Those dice have been marked for shaming and cleansing fire.

  4. A good time was had by all and many great games were played. I look forward to next season!