Monday, November 11, 2013

Lionheart and Direwolf Game of Thrones War Game

I have been really into the book on CD by George R.R. Martin "A Game of Thrones."  I have listened to the first three books and that is no small accomplishment as each is 35-39 cd's of recorded listening.  I had in my mind a thought that the wars and battles from this genre would be great for wargaming.  I have 4 copies of the old Parker Brother's Lionheart miniatures game and decided to skin it with banners from the great houses of Westeros.  So while watching the late Sunday night football game I cut out and attached all the printed banners I had made in paint using art work found online.  The above image shows King Robert Baratheon during the war called "Robert's Rebellion."

Here is the Targaryen host.  With Prince Rhaegar and his assembled host.

The terrain tiles for this game are available on Board Game Geek in the files section for the game Lionheart.  I have used them to create a Battle on the Trident game map.  I played this solo and just picked a move for each side.  You only get 2 actions per bound so it is not too difficult to discern a best move for each side.  I was playing Robert and rooting for his side so it was great when we were killing Targaryens with archery fire and really thinning their forces down.

Click on the images to make them larger and you can see a sleu of Targaryens sitting on the sidelines.  Most of these were falling to heavy Baratheon archery fire.  The Baratheon left flank has decided to begin the final push and we are crossing the Trident on the left flank of this image.  This is also when Robert decides the right flank crossing is open and he may as well push across the Trident as well - mistake.  I looked at the risk and decided that the Targaryen archers couldn't possibly roll two arrows on the die especially in their weakened state!  Well I was wrong and got Robert killed in his first action of the rebellion.
These archers you see with two hits already on their stand make a combat action and roll two arrows killing the last mounted figure on the command stand of Robert B.

Prince  Rhaegar is safe back in his command post and King Aerys will reign into the future, sidestepping the rebellion and upstart Robert.
Death of my commander.

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  1. Nicely done, sir. Standard Lionheart rules? The mercenaries could be the Brotherhood without Banners, if you placed the fight later in the timeline.