Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Qucik and Dirty Little WW2

Got in a little WWII action with a coworker recently.  We had been discussing over email the various interests and hobby related games that we both enjoy and I was retelling some of my actions with the high school students in the strategy gaming club over at Southwest.  Well I dug out my corrugated cardboard WWII ruins and some of the student painted figures from last year and we kitbashed a small platoon on platoon action using GASLIGHT.  Well I had forgotten my D20's so we used our cell phone die rollers instead.  Let's look in on the action....
BANG.  My Bad-zook.  Takes out his tank.  This was pivotal in my squads ability to take that building.

We used card driven turn order and only started rolling for morale after turn three.  Basic GASLIGHT mechanics of move or shoot.  Troops had a shoot of 8.  Halved for cover and range.  Some weapons had multiple hits like HMG 1 D20/2 or SMG 1D20/5.

Red squad holds the center building.

Poised for the Coup-D-Gratchie!  "say hello to some flamethrower BBQ."

Under the template was the final threat to my side's tank.  We cooked up the enemy antitank weapon and that was all she wrote.

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