Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Card Art and the Dead CCG Society

Welcome dear reader to the Dead Collectible Card Game Society.  I have recently accepted an invitation to play my copy of Quest For the Grail online in a play by forum format.  So I dusted off the old box of cards and put together a deck for competition.  Now this card game is no longer in print but I am fortunate that my interest in King Arthur lead me to collect this set about 5 years ago.  I have in my possession set #30 of 100 of the complete card collection issued by Stone Ring Games.  I acquired my game long after the game was discontinued.  I bought all of it from Ebay -with the express purpose of collecting all the available cards for this game.
I absolutely love this game and I like the play mechanics in this CCG.  Well there is no way to play this as designed against a live opponent.  No one else collects this game.  So I have devised ways to play it using my collection as all the cards on the table.
And now the gist of this article shows how I handle a dead game when I need card art of a specific card to use in play.  I have a binder with set #30 in sleeves.  A deck strategy may call for a certain card that is only available in the base set and I don't have extras and I don't want play wear to occur on my collector set.  Take the card and scan it onto light card stock.
Take an additional card that I have like 40 copies of and sand off the image with sand paper.

Cut out the scanned art from the card stock and prepare to paste it onto the old card back from the extra card.

Using YES past will give an archival permanent bond between sanded card back and scanned card art.

Ready to accept a new image and card face.

The binder provides.....


  1. This was a great game; a well deserved victory!

  2. Thanks pahoota,
    I will play again if you like. I have a deck that will rely on interruption and magic.