Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Missing Mummy

The night of the Missing Mummy

Gotham by GASLIGHT
From clockwise, the Penguin and Bop-Gun Gang, the Gotham City Police Department with military attachment, The Museum of Antiquities with Bruce Wayne, Julie and Professor Martin., the Concrete Kowalski gang and the infamous copper Tucker Torpedo.

Again, from clockwise, Batman makes his story arch debut and is embarrassed by the 20 sided die.  The Batman would roll three failures of 20 during his first four encounters for the evening. That's Batman tripping on his cape as he entered the museum back door.  He was attempting to arrest Vinny the mad bomber.  Vinny had just thrown a bundle of TNT into the middle of the museum crowd.  Next image with the Penguin is the moments just after the bomb went off.  Oswald Cobblepot could be seen ducking under an armored umbrella and living through the explosion.  Bop-gun was shredded by the explosion and only regained consciousness after the scenario.  The crowd was litterally shredded into clouds of red mist.  This triggered an otherworldly encounter as the rafters of the museum disgorged an unholy flock of impish batlike blood sucking horrors. Next image, GCPD respond to the explosion.  Last image we can just make out Bop-gun blown out of the main hall of the museum into the breezeway between galleries.
The Batman and his horrible rolls.  Batman witnessed the kidnapping of his girlfriend Julie and her father by two separate gangs.  Seems the Polish mafia made off with Julie and killed almost all of the gallery visitors while the Penguin and Bop-gun kidnapped the professor (Julie's dad.)  Which way will the Batman go?
Nine civilian casualties from TNT.  The Batman makes it into the open passage between galleries only in time to watch the kidnappers take the professor out of the museum and into waiting vehicles.

Blood Imps are feasting on the carnage and eating the dead gallery visitors!

Scene right we can see a women and some bloodsuckers forming up to wreak havoc on the balance of the museum visitors.  Who is this mysterious woman?
The Museum of Antiquities.  the scene of a gallery opening featuring a collection of ancient artifacts from  Cathala Province in the Dess Mountains of the old world.  Also the scene of a double kidnapping and bombing.
Man did the Batman disappoint!
One of the neat things for this campaign is that the players all have a comic book to track character progress and story-line development.

In another part of the city the police and military component of the game were fighting it out in a Gotham side street.  The Kowalski gang t-boned the police car to keep them from getting to the museum to stop the kidnapping.  Unbeknownst to them the mummy/vampire? was not there and had been previous episode stolen by the Bop-gun Gang.

Next episode:

Ransom, Ransom, Boom


  1. Looks like a fun game.

    Gaslight is such a great rule system because it can work with so many themes.

  2. It was a hoot to play. Vinnie was chaos incarnate! Key word is "was", as he was capped by a GCPD copper!