Monday, May 9, 2016

Battle of Avranches Spring 1138

Spring 1138, Baron Ryan attacks Avranches defended by Baron Kenneth. A field battle ensues and Baron Kenneth calls to his aid his tributary Baron Steven of Brittany.

We have battle results:

Battle 3 Baron Ryan loses KnG, 3xKn, and a Cb and PS to desertion. Baron Kenneth loses Kn, Sp, Ps and gains 1 prestige. The town is defended Lord Ryan must retreat. Baron Steven loses no elements but did not arrive at all in this battle.

After the Battle scene. Eliminated elements lower left and top left by the town.  Baron Steve in the lower right can be seen at his encampment but declined to ride forth for battle.

The death of the Black Raven.  Caught in a pinning move with no retreat.
Baron Ryan's retinue retreat to Chinon.  His ransom brings 1 prestige to Baron Kenneth.

Cry Havoc!!Battle of Avranches 1138 6

Spring 1138 Current Stats:
Ryan: , , 4xSp, 2xPs, Battle Prestige:19
Mike: KnG, 3xKn Battle Prestige:2
John: KnG, 3xKn, Cv, Cb, 3xSp, 2xPs, Horde Battle Prestige:10
Ted: KnG, 3xKn, Ps Battle Prestige:4
Steve: KnG, 2xKn, Cv, Cb, Sp Battle Prestige:5
Ken: KnG, 2xKn, 4xSp, 2xPs, Battle Prestige:4
Brian: KnG, 3xKn, 4xSp, 3xPs, Cb Battle Prestige:0

And for your DBA eye candy here are the two other outcomes.  All in all it was a positive day for the Orange banner and Baron Kenneth's forces.
Battle One.

Battle Two.


  1. The backdrop was hand-painted by me.

  2. The background is great,can you tell us a little about it?

  3. I am an art teacher and I paint a lot with Crayola Watercolor sets. This landscape scenic was done by me years ago on sulphite drawing paper and then I rubber cemented it to foam core. I used it at the time of creation to backdrop my ACW sets on my game room shelf. It is something that is usually always laying about so I used it to hide the clutter of my art room in the photos.

  4. I'll second Alan...the games are great, but the backdrop is fantastic!