Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DBA in the Angevin Demesne

The DBA campaign is rolling along with a very bloody spring of 1136. This blog report is from the recent battle of Avranches. This one was fought as a result of the attack by Baron Kenneth on the continental holdings of Baron Steven.

 Baron Kenneth checks out of the lovely seaside B&B and marches inland looking for Lord Steven.

Lord Steven the Violet.  Unfurls has banner and marshals his men to form battles.

Baron Kenneth the Orange unfurls his banner.  (Random die generated army set ups.)

The two eye each other. BUA of Avranches is lower left.
Cry Havoc!

Scene from the bell tower in Avranches.  The field is a splendor of medieval pageantry.

A wall to wall crash.  Let the dice sort them out.
Baron Steven would win nearly every die roll in the right flank.  Sending Baron Kenneth back to the beaches and driven from the continent. But wait dear reader.  The lesson of knightly impetuosity....

Pushing back the Orange banner.

Winning each time.  Attacker, Kenneth is red dice and defender Lord Steven is blue.
This push begins the demise of Baron Steven.  Just to eager.

and again he pushes back 

Full battlefield shot.

Baron Kenneth pulls back and sends a psiloi into the retreat path of Baron Steven.  The result was a push! Steven lives.

Here is the die roll that kills Steven and Kenneth's psiloi!

Three to three with a loss of the KnG.  Baron Kenneth  needs one more stand.

A deft maneuver sends the Violet banners into headlong retreat.

Cheers for the Orange. 


  1. Thanks for an interesting report. I hope you provide additional reports on your campaign.

  2. Angevin Campaign tag will take you to all the posts.