Friday, January 15, 2016

Mentioned in Despatches

The Secondhand Lions gathered Thursday PM for some board game action.  The evenings fare consisted of Broadsides and Boarding Parties by MB and Formula 1 by Parker Brothers.  I will  publish some nice pixels of the ship game because it is one of my prized possessions in my game collection.
Ted tabled his copy of the game as well and we got to do one of those "great idea" events where you kit bash two games together for a mega battle.

Nick and Jon Mark on the expansion board.

Ted and Ken on table one.

Appropriate libation was requisitioned from the ship's stores.

The four ship mega battle.  This is where I lose the Isabella to hull shots. 

Three sections hulled out and a sinking ship.

Hell of a fun night.

I will post a link here to Ted's blog that will no doubt celebrate my awesome showing in one of my other favorite games that "mocked" me the whole circuit!!

Great night gentlemen.

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