Saturday, November 28, 2015

Summer of 1135 DBA Angevin Campaign

The summer of 1135 is heating up and we have at least two battles as of the penning of this chronicle.
Duke Sanderson has marched on Toulouse and attacked Duke John.  The battle outside of Toulouse could have gone either way.

Duke John's demesne under attack once again.  The fields of Toulouse are scattered with bones.
Four actions were fought and the randomizer has picked result number one. (See BGG.)
The city holds and the attacker has lost  a crossbow a spear, psiloi and horde.  The defender has paid dearly with the loss of two knight stands.

I will announce this on our email thread and see you all Monday night.

I hope your feasting hall was filled with good cheer and family this holiday weekend.  I for one have played a lot of DBA which was my intent for this campaign.

Up next the attack on Avranches!!

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  1. Beautiful figures and map, a nice looking system!