Monday, November 30, 2015

Summer of 1135 the Battle of Avranches

The summer of 1135 in the Angevin Empire.

Another meeting at Mike's and some good DBA battles fought out for campaign and for fun.

So what happened at Avranches:

The attacking Duke Kenneth is pushed back into the channel!!  Result 4 with Lord Kenneth losing his general and three stands of knights as well as desertion of crossbow and psiloi!!  Utterly devastating.  He retreats to Salisbury and Duke Steve has a loss of one knight stand and 5 prestige points to fly from his rampart banners.
 Duke Brian did not send a move so he remains on English soil at Dover.
Damn the BUA.  These are so hard to hold.

A wide open skirmish in which the dice left good lord Kenneth on the field.  I shame those black D6 in the foreground as recreant and vile.

Next up the Autumn of 1135.  Same turn order and process.


  1. Interesting little campaign. I had a quick look at the link, and saw something about battles being determined by die rolls. Is this to keep the pot boiling when battles can't be fought on the table, or a parallel campaign? Or something?

  2. Yes to the boiling pot notion. The players are spread across Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas. The battles are fought using solo DBA and some table games at Mike S's house. These are all thrown into the "hopper" and a result is randomly diced for and then applied to the campaign. All games are army specific to the feudal English, French and Anglo Norman armies of the 12th Century.