Monday, March 30, 2015

NADBAG Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska 2015

The Nebraska Area De Bellis Antiquitatus Gamers hosted a tournament this last Saturday March 28th.  I got to go to the event with my two gaming friends Steve and Mike.  Steve provided us with transportation and we had a lovely drive up from the Kansas City area to Omaha,Nebraska.  The event was held at a church multi-purpose house located on the church grounds.  It was a great location and very comfortable gaming environment for a day of DBA play.
I played my Alexandrian Imperial army and in round one I face the Gauls.  There were eight players in the tournament and we got to fight four rounds of games.

Game one for me was a win.

Mike and Ryan in round one.

Kushite and Scythians.

Great day of gaming.

My Alexandrians.

Backed up pike!

Round two we beat the Scythians.  

Round three against Steve the Macedonians would get beat.

Alexander and his knights went impetuous and got stuck in.

There were even gentlemen playing a Revolutionary war board game.

Brackets and scores.

My final game against Mike.  His Kushites beat me but it was close - 3 to 4 elements.

We were a jumbled hubbub.

Here are the official results for the Spring 2015 NADBAG tournament:

1)  Steve Gross - I/51 Assyrian = 34 pts.
2)  Mike Sanderson - I/58 Meroitic Kushite = 28 pts.
3)  Ken Van Pelt - II/15 Alexandrian Imperial = 26 pts.
4)  Steve Brady - II/11 Gallic = 19 pts.
5)  Bill Kufahls - II/49 Marian Roman = 18 pts.
6)  Trent Jensen - II/64 Middle Imperial Roman = 17 pts.
7)  Ryan Carlson - I/43 Scythian = 14 pts.
8)  Sean Gewecke - II/ 18a Antipatros = 10 pts.

Everyone made double digits in points so seemingly competitive.  Thank you to all who attended.  I had a great time and it appears others did as well.  Looking forward to gaming with you all again soon!  Hopefully most can make the Border Wars convention on May 2nd for some DBA-RRR.  If not then we will have to get together again up here in the summer for a tourney…keep an eye out for that opportunity!


(edit: from an email from Ryan the Host coordinator.)
This lets you know all the armies that fought in the tournament.

Mike took second place and got an umpainted DBA English army.

 and Steve took the first place prize of a painted Egyptian army.
KC represented pretty well up in Nebraska.
The MADBAG kicked the NADBAG!?!

Super prize table and a really welcoming group of players in Nebraska.  Thanks so much you guys.

First Prize.

Thanks for looking in.


  1. Yup, you all did well. Congratulations.

    -- Jeff

  2. What a fun day, thanks for sharing.

  3. Glad you made it up Ken! I thought I was going to turn your flank in the 2nd game but my pips dried up and so did my combat rolls. Not a good situation when just have a bunch of light horse!!!

  4. Looks fun, I have to try and make it to a few more of these!!! I have alot of armies sitting around doing nothing :(