Friday, March 6, 2015

HotT Mechs Debased Rebased Mechwarrior Hordes of the Things

On the Draconis Combine - Federated Suns border, in the Robinson Area of Operations, two mechwarrior forces clashed on the world of Scone.  Using new rules of engagement cobbled by Ken Van Pelt, the Lion's Den Wargamers are going to engage in a 7 army campaign set in the world of Battletech.  The forces used will be HotT armies created from Mechwarrior Clix that have been rebased on hex card stock.
 Federated Suns Mech lance supported by power armored marines engage Dragon mechs pushing into the urban terrain border of the city of Null.  Air support from the Dragon attack choppers can be detected at the top of the photo.

Top down view from the dropship Clavey.  Suns entered from stage left and pushed into and held the town of Null.  The Kuritan commander was killed near the city reservoir in a cross fire mech duel.  Draconis forces pushed to the city limits from stage right but couldn't get a toe hold on the urban terrain.  At the loss of command and control the battle was quit and the Kuritans pulled back for extrication.  The planet Scone would become Federated property.

 Sun heavy armor supported by artillery slug it out on the North side of Metropolitan Void.  Ranges and exchange fire was adjudicated and discussed on this playtest of the HotT version of Battletech.
Southside once again we see the right flank armor  push into the scrubland and forested terrain near the Scone hinterland.

 Gotta love the PBI.  These foot sloggers entrenched into Null proper and kept the town out of the Dragon clutches.
Dragon Power armor troops in the Scone forest.  These troops did themselves credit and held off an armor assault pretty well.

From the west side of the table looking at the Dragon assault from behind Sun's battlelines. Troop cards in the foreground.


Thanks for looking in on the AAR.  Stay tuned to this Com-Star Station for more Mechwarrior campaigning.

And now a coded message to all of our Federated Suns forces and RCT.
"Do you know the muffin man?  REPEAT, Do you know the muffin man."

Thank you and good night.


  1. Cool concept. So were there any special rules, or was it a straight port of units into HotT? What were your army lists?

  2. Com Star Documents are not yet de-classified for this transmission. Keep this channel open.....

  3. I work at a bakery.

    I do know the muffin man...