Monday, December 29, 2014

Kenny's Mini Con Winter Break Game Day

Jerodi Defile 1967 Arab Israeli Wars Scenario played using Hordes of the Things Modern Rules.
Egyptian Deployment on newly terrained table set up.

Here come the Israelis.

Reinforcements arrive way too early for the Egyptians.

Steady fight against the initial Israeli attack but in the end they took out the Egyptian command.  Great game played early in the day with Steve Gross and Ken Van Pelt.  We also had a fine GHQ work session bulking out the collection of micro armor for Ken and his new modern army project.   Stay tuned for Mujaheddin.

Next UpClockwork Century battle of Joplin.

Union and Confederate forces clash in southern Missouri Territory.

Union Lines

Union Aeronef with Kenneth onboard.

Confederate Ironclad Landship accompanied by light tracked contraptions.

Union White fleeet.  USLS William Richardson accompanied by two medium aeronef.

Confederates attacked in massive infantry columns.

Union artillery barrage the landship as it chugs in for destruction.

End game.

Aerial shot from the Fleur de Lis.

USLS William Richardson chugging along

TANK COMMAND 1975 Ideal Board Game

T. Carr selects a barrage #.

The tanks.

T. Conn's bunker

The awesomeness of the battlefield.

Game Two.

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