Monday, December 8, 2014

ALIENS This Time It's War

The Secondhand Lions have gathered for a couple of games at the T.Carr game room and this evening's game was the Alien classic "This Time It's War"  board game.  Our man Ted has miniaturized this game with 28mm clix and assorted figures.  So here is a recap of the adventures of the Marines on LV426.

We made it through the reactor room, lab, kill Burke, and air lock scenarios.

We hadn't lost anyone at this point.

Nice mock up for the minis in this game.

The lab with the obstinate grenade rule.

Chuut them Elizabeth!!!

Holy Crap!  Let's nuke this site from orbit.

Come get a hug from mommy.


  1. Good looking game...I should imagine is was pretty tense as the aliens closed in.

  2. Yeah, at some point it was ridiculous how many aliens were streaming toward us. In the end, we did very well, although Gorman didn't make it out of the air ducts.