Thursday, June 19, 2014

STAMPEDE 1956 Gabriel Co. Board Game Gets a Play

I have had this board game from 1956 for a few years in my collection and have always thought it would be a fun game about cattle rustling.  The unique aspect of this game is that the pawns are miniature cowboys on horseback that have a firing mechanism built into their base.  This mechanism fires a small wooden dowel as the ammo and during game play you actually get to shoot other cowboys if they are stealing your cattle.  I tried to video the action but the quality was goofy but we did get in a lot of shooting.  Had a great time with my family playing this old old game.
Stampede Valley

Branded cattle being driven to the stockyards.

The Lazy B drives a herd past the Bar A.  "Don't even look at my cows dude!"


Brother-in-law plots his route through the mountains.

Nephew enjoying the game.

Using cattle to hide behind to prevent from getting shot.

Game winner the Lazy B ranch with $160 dollars in beef on the hoof.

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