Monday, June 16, 2014

HitT HotT WWI Trench Assault

DBA Monday Turned into HitT  or a nice 36 point game of
Hordes in the Trenches.
I played as the attacker.  Took the Germans.

Sent my infantry battalion past the burnt out farm.

My Sturmtruppe flanked the eastern village.  These guys were bad-@$&.

The defending Brits started shelling us, but we had already cut the wire.  There weapon fire only drove the men on all the more....

Boom.  Crash.  Bang.

The thin line of defense.

We were in amongst them and giving them hell.

Game went to the attacker.  Mr. G put up a valiant defense but later agreed that the game has a deep level of understanding all the intricacies of elements.
We will play again.

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