Saturday, May 5, 2012

Austrian Army Marches Out 5mm Goodness

This is a quick cut needle point army created for DBN, the Napoleonic variant for DBA.  These will be used to augment the games using the French and British forces already created.  This post shows from creation to finished project the steps I use in scratch building with such small material.  Click images for a closer look.  In the above image we see all of the requisite 15mm based DBA bases for the infantry.  These are double rows cut to separate the arms of each individual soldier.  The arm cuts are irregular to create a textured look of an assembled body of  troops.

This image is of the artillery units.  Three gun batteries on a 40mm square card.  Assembled from needlepoint plastic frame 2x3.  Glued at an angle atop another u shaped piece of needle plastic.  The wheels are from large hole punch cardstock.

You can see in the above image the u shaped needle point plastic shape it is 1x2 with somewhat less than a full 1 row height.

All units are taped to a strip of corrugated cardboard for painting.

At the painting station I use a can of flat black first and then a coat of Italian olive.  Both paints are from WalMart and this give the units a finished altogether ground color.

Go green.

Sorry for the blur of this last image but you can see I paint these in one huge swath with all figures still glued to the cardboard that they were primed on.  The process allows for rapid use of the color on the brush at the time.  These were painted in about 3 hours.  The entire process occurs over several days and from cutting fresh plastic to game table ready I estimate about 9 hours of hobby table work.


  1. Fantastic job Ken. But, now I need to do Napoleonic armies with Needlepoint mesh. Thanks for sharing your techniques.

  2. They look really good. You can tell the Hungarians from the Germans too.