Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5MM Clockwork Century VSF Battle

We join our intrepid adventurers in the Lion's Den as they gather around the table for the Clockwork Century battle of Nouvelle Orleans- part III.  The confederate command seeks to regain lost material of war in the landship -Black Betty.
In our last battle the confederate force lost a landship behind French occupied lines.  The ship had plowed savagely through the French formation and then was hit broadside by a steam conveyance of the French.  The captured landship was handed over to the Northern alliance for disassembly and military intelligence.
The landship, Black Betty, was being moved north to Missouri territory by a combined Prussian, Union column of troops.  The confederate command decided at the most opportune time to strike with aeromarines and afford a recapture of the war machine.  The aeromarines were loaded onto several steam aeronefs and were to drop behind enemy lines and capture by force of arms and a relief column the errant landship.
Severe and unfortunate mechanics kept one fourth of the aeronefs grounded and taking on water from a local stream bank.  Unable to coordinate the attack the confederate command merely demonstrated aggressively their intention of recapture.
The battle worn on with desultory losses on both sides until another confederate landship slipped into enemy lines and then was disabled.  The aeromarines had to be employed to rescue the City of Atlanta steam landship before it too was captured by a smaller Union force!!

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  1. Looks like the steampunk confederates are doing no better than their historical counterparts ...