Saturday, November 13, 2010

ZULU War Pongola River Region Chapter 4 Attack

A great baritone chant echos across the field punctuated by a stacato call and response as commands and intent of the impi are expressed in musical singing.

Thousands of iklwa (spear) beat a rhythmic and staccato thunder as the impi is put in motion.

Djemdande leads forward the impi.

Shots from the Royal Rifle Corp. fell onrushing zulu.

Down the full length of the european line companys volley fire into the mass of zulu.

The battle is joined as zulu ibutho crash like untimed waves into the assembled europeans.

Native fights native on the far right flank behind the mission station buildings. Natal Rifle contingent go hand to hand with the white feather ibutho.

12th foot stand firm next to their gun.

Eyes front and double clik your images! The lancers poise for action.

Near mid morning the tide is beginning to rush out as the zulu have impaled themselves on european firepower.

Danger!! The right flank is decimated in melee with the zulu imp.


  1. This I really like...:-D :-D To make a whole battle out of bits of wood etc...great top marks for inventiveness and creativity, the pictures of the battle have made my day!
    Looks like a real load of fun :-). I once made a load (about 40) of roman legionaries out of wine corks, for my son...still got them...they all ended carefully boxed and stored.

  2. Marvelous! (again) Love both the spirit and the execution.