Saturday, November 6, 2010

ZULU War Pongola River Region Chapter 3 Prelude to Battle

The Zulu Impi of Djemdande appears on the border of the Greenwood Station.
In three images we can pan from left flank to right and see the Bull's head formation.
Djemdande's right flank consists of two ibutho. The ostrich plumes and the ocelots. They are pictured on the left. Part of the main force can be seen at the right which consists of two Ibutho, Sulphur and Homeguards.

This next image shows Djemdande leading the Bull's head and immediately behind him is the Tiger tails and the Ferrets. Two highly trained and deadly ibutho.
Now looking at the left horn of the bull we can make out two final ibutho the Tiger tails and the White tails. Also captured in this image are two errant bushmen caught between the advancing impi and the European mission.
Here is a file photo on loan from the collection of Dr. Ward, Botanist with the Geographic Society.
Here we see a bushmen family group in the natural setting. Contact with these people is sketchy and this photo was taken when Dr. Ward accompanied a Natal Native Contingent into the field.
The soldiers can be seen in the trail behind the trees.

Newly arrived in Greenwood Station are the small scouting party of Frontier Light Cavalry.

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