Friday, April 9, 2010

The Pacification of Morocco

When last we left our adventure the Airship Fluer de Lis had crossed over the North Coast of Africa and into the interior of MOROCCO. Carrying the refitted howitzer and a compliment of Aeromarines from the ministry of war the buoyant craft floated over the lines of troops below that encircled the entrance to the mountain valley.

"Coils and Oils Mr. Thibeaux, take us up three degrees. I want to clear that crag by a rifle shot and not a degree further,"boomed captain Baptiste.

Louis, Lugnut to his friends, complied empathically to the captain's wishes. As he did not want holes in his precious envelope any more than captain Jean Luc or any of the crew for that matter. Louis's mind turned over the idea of the aeromarines manning the observation deck and any aperature along the port side of the airship that may face the crag and the hidy hole of any of the mountain tribesmen lurking there. "If they do their part and pot any of those bastages, I will keep us at the appropriate range," mused Lugnut.

The aeromarines had boarded ship and taken up retrofit aft quarters back in Tangiers. Their Lieutenant was a smart and military man named, Adrian Carre'. Their job, or so it was proposed, was to leap behind the mountain bandit fighters and stop the continuous escape of the vile and wily, Abdul-Jabbar-Faruq. A new tactic devised in the war ministry on the gaming tables of high command. Place troops in the rear of an escaping enemy by way of aeroship! Brilliant. Maneuver in war would be a thing of the past. Technologically advanced civilizations will from this time forward skip and jump to any point of the globe and arrive in time to put to the shot any that oppose them. A terrible age indeed.

What awaits our men in uniform in the mountain passes of the region of Alizal? Simple. Get behind the Jabbar and capture him and put an end to the menace of Morocco.

Pacification. It sounds so peaceful. Around the deployment encampment in Tangiers it made it sound like we were going on holiday. Pacification. Amazing what variety of experiences the word really entails. We headed into the unknown.
Pvt. Damien Marie-Jean Frassin, Aeromarine, Morocco 1852

The high passes in the region of Alizal were largely unexplored. The mission tasked to 1st and 2nd Aeromarines was to capture and detain or kill the Taureg bandit king. The encounters that unfolded make for a marvelous tale - if true. Or a madman's fantasy if false.

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