Monday, April 12, 2010

The Pacification of Morocco II

In the high mountain passes of the region of Alizal, a rebellious band of Taureg were attempting to hide from the pacification forces of the French. The French had more technology and called upon an aeroship to land troops high in the mountains and take the battle to the Taureg.

The Taureg, feeling jaunty, decided to push the French out of the mountain pass and they made a scrap out of the encounter. They could have retreated into any number of hidden passes and elude once again the encroaching European forces. But on this day, Abdula-Jabbar-Faruq heeded the advice of his henchmen, Baka-laka-durk and Lurka-durka-durk and charged headlong into the formed up French battle line.

The French platoons, well rested from their balloon ride up into the mountain pass, formed up in battle line with Adrian Carre' and his staff centered, focused, and non-plussed by the advancing avalanche of third world scum. An embedded adventurer in the main staff, one Charles Godfrey - crew of the Fleur de Lis and an avid big game hunter conversed with Christophe-Louis Bergeret and placed bets on their kills and trophies that were certainly walking into the deadly fire of the French. "I hope to bag a pot full of these ruffians this day!", Godfrey quipped.

The French fire and discipline scolded the recalcitrant natives into a headlong retreat. Carrying the body of their mortally wounded leader Abdul-Jabbar-Faruq.

Meanwhile, in a nearby clearing, a trumpet is heard.

And the sound of thudding trampling feet, mixed with a cacophony of guttural screams, taunts, and jeers.

Seems a turn of events has occurred. No one can bring words to the confused and bewildered French soldiers and crew as they see their vanquished Taureg foe replaced with something from another world, epoch, planet!!!???!!!

The cavemen chase the Mastodon into the flank of the French away team.

The French receive the charge and loose their commander Adrian Carre'.

Then they kill the beast.

Chaos ensues.
Adrian meets a long lost comrade amongst the cavemen?!?
Some of the cavemen speak a guttural version of French.!!
The French command falls to Christophe-Louis and the Big Game Hunter Godfrey.
They decide to pursue the Taureg band into the VALLEY OF THE UNKNOWN.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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