Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Auricanian-Patagonia Naval Campaign

This is the Auricania-Patagonia naval campaign map my son Tony and I will use for our ImagiNaval game. It is posted on our family refrigerator and the campaign fleet markers are magnetic labelled ships. We will move the fleets via written orders and when opposing fleets are at the same coordinates we will transfer the action to the wargames table.

Our goals are outlined as in "Sea Battles in Miniature" A Guide to Naval Wargaming by Paul Hague.

Victory Conditions
1. Protection of friendly seaborne commerce.
2. Interruption of enemy trade.
3. Landing armies of invasion and keeping them supplied.
4. Protecting the coastline from enemy attack.
5. Establishing and maintaining contact with overseas colonies.

From the map my son sails the Auricanian fleet out of the Blue Capital at K1 and I sail from the Red Capital of Patagonia at K8.

We have playtested one rag wagon duel with 74 gun SOL and I won that one after he wanted to see how boarding actions worked so he rammed my ship and lost in the ensuing melee.

The rules for the playing out of the battles will be "Full Sail" by Lion's Den Wargames Club.

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