Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Auricanian Recruiting Station is Open for Business

The painting and sorting of the RISK 10mm figures has begun. Tonight I posted some photos on TMP and will begin the BLOG of my SYW Imagi-Nations. I have two belligerent factions that are named Auricania and Patagonia. The name comes from a real Imagi-Nation I read about in a Douglas Porch book on the conquest of Morocco. The mentioned names where a bogus or fictitious nation that someone used to purchase warrants in Moroccan political scheming. They even had a flag that was of course entirely bogus but was paraded as a real south American country!

Well our current Auricania and Patagonia are fictitious nations that have went to war against each other on the high seas. This is basically going to be a naval campaign game using Pendraken "very tiny" ships and played out with campaign magnets on the family refrigerator.

One naval battle has been fought and one is in the making.  Our first battle pitted two rag wagons against each other and the Patagonians where successful in a botched Auricanian boarding party.
And of course we will need land troops at some point so I am in the process of cobbling together some 10mm RISK figures into two nations armies. Red force Blue force, Red Fleet Blue Fleet etc..

Here is a picture story:

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