Friday, February 1, 2019

Sumer Knights

The "Monday Knights" are gearing up for some Book I DBA.  We are going to do a campaign using Sumerian/Mesopotamian armies.  I have made some investment in Museum Miniatures and will be painting at least 4 more armies.

Below are my Eureka Sumerian I/1b. army just off the paint table.  Will likely add some flock once I get all the armies together.


  1. What a fantastic period...beautiful figures, well done!

  2. Thanks Phil. I may redo the robes. In the painting I couldn't see the disk locations so I painted them pretty uniform and just added them. After a dip in sealant and ink the disks now stand out and you can see in the images where I missed the actual item to be painted. Doesn't effect playability and disappears under my old eyesight until you use a camera on them.


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