Monday, September 4, 2017

IN Patagonia-Auricania Solo Imagi-Naval

In Patagonia
The history of Aurikania and Pathagounia
The complete unabridged history in four volumes
With copious notes on the manner of the original manuscript

This is the story of two imagi-nations Set in a time long ago.

Table of Contents Volume I-III:
I  The foundation of the territories and the naming of the provinces.
            A. Ancient Times, see The Island of Marnon and other historical fables.
            B. The War and the division of Auricania and Patagonia
II Early Naval Architecture
Victualing documents from the museum of nautical artifacts. Patagonia 1782.

III  The Royal families: Prominent Families and Individuals
IV The Lineage of the House of Patagonia
V  The Armies
VI The Armies Part the Second
VII  The Rules of Warfare
VIII  The Naval Atlas of the Western Sea and the colonies
IX  The Island of Marnon and early histories including fantastic stories and myths from long ago
X  The solar calendar of the Auricanian and Patagonian hemisphere
Plate 1: Maps
Plate 2 Illustrations

Plate 3 Photographic engravings

Ranging stick used aboard the Centaur, by Cpt. C.A. Smythe in the cruise with the Scarlet , commanded by Cpt. A.G. Brodeur.1.

1. VanPelt, K., The Cruise of the Scarlet. Patagonis Press. 1782. pp.112-118.


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