Thursday, June 1, 2017


Got to play some Lionheart on vacation with my brother John and his boys Kale and Landon and my son Tony.  Great afternoon of gaming during a rain delay at the lake.
I casually started them off with the base game and then we gradually added all the aftermarket items available on the internet to add complexity and depth to the game.  The images in this blog post are after four base games that got gradually more complex by adding terrain and specialist troops.
The defeated royalty of the gold side try to plan their revenge and how they would of won "if they hadn't lost."  We teased them pretty bad.  "Yeah you could of won if we hadn't beat you."
The silver knights lead away the gold king in a backwards horse march out of the castle proper.
The silver raiders caught the gold king in his keep lightly defended.
Have at you!!
Really happy Tony sat in for a game.  He has not played the wargames stuff in years.  He used to play when he was younger but has sort of lost interest.
The grand game wherein we combined two boards, terrain, 4 actions per side, and all the troop types except mercenaries.
Homemade dice tower can be seen in some of the pictures.
Absolutely love this games flexibility and ease of set up and play.
The Golden hand of god points to where a decisive action must occur.

Thanks for looking in.  Leave a comment if you like what you see.
At the beginning of the battle.


  1. A double battle! Very nice. I occasionally get bags of the figures on ebay and so I have some battalion bases of 10 men at arms.
    I always like the simplicity and function of the squares.