Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rome's Conquest of Gaul

Rome's conquest of Gaul. 

Proconsul Julius Caesar marches into the valley of the Rhine. Crossing the Rhine River with three cohorts. It is the year 58 BC. Julius is responding to the possibility of an uprising among the tribes of the Celts. It is rumored that the Viromanduii are dissatisfied with their lands and want expansion. 
They are neutral aggressive versus the Romans. If this unrest is not quelled it will spread to the other tribes. So taking the VIIth VIIIth and IXth cohorts into the valley, Julius Caesar and his Commanders must put down this uprising.

 It is early April in the year 58 BC. The first battle featuring Titus Labienus versus Commius of the Viromanduii is a victory for the Gauls. Rome reels under the defeat.

Commius of the Viromanduii

Titus Labienus, commander of the VII Cohort.  Surveys the lines and orders the skirmishers forward.

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