Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rogue Star with S.T.A.R. Force 90mm

The Journey begins.... Global success in space technology, exploration and colonization has created the earth's elite team of astronauts known as S.T.A.R. Force. Ready to respond to the mysteries of space and the possibility of alien intelligence, they explore the limits of our universe and beyond.

My first play through of Rogue Stars by Andrea Sfiligoi released by Osprey Publishing was a 90mm romp through my collection of GI Joe 3.75 scaled miniatures.  I  love the collection of action figure pose-able figures that I have collected and I have long been in search of a rules set that allows them to spring into action alive with adventure and mechanics that validate the cool factor.

Our story begins at a space station deep in the icosahedron sector near the nadir point of Khorigate IV -the planet of adventure.  S.T.A.R. Force has docked the United Americas Space Ship UASS Glenville for orbital study around the planet.
Many ships dock at the station for customs permission and landing access to the huge planet below.  Khorigate IV is a massive habitable planet that has numerous indigenous life forms and visitors.

A typical scene on the orbital station.

Members of Strategic Team Astronaut Response Force

Our local station guards.  Four of these local militia grade security team were stationed at the data port link for the UASS Glenville. Tasked with routine security as sensitive data and iff files were scanned for port of entry measures within the space travel milieu.

Totally caught unawares as members of a psychic cult suddenly attacked.

Port of Call: Nadir Station Khorigate IV. Two ships docked in this bay the UASS Glenville, high right and immediately in front of it an unidentified mercenary spherical drop ship for a mech company.

Secreting at the ship bay entrance members of the psychic cult "daggers from the sun" eerily slip into position.

Lightly clad refraction armor and armed with laser pistols and webber guns the team of insurgents is bent on unauthorized access to the data files linked to the UA ship.  Rogue Stars mission number 10.

"Halt!  This is a restricted area do not proceed!
and in a blink the station guard's arm spasmmed into a wounded condition as the psyche assault crippled his weapon arm... 

Rogue Stars team sheets.  Each side was at 200xp with four team members each.  Space station guards versus a team of rogue psycher insurgents.

STAR Force teams are away from the Glenville currently enjoying shore leave on the Nadir Station.

Blam!  Bolter fire from the guards slays the first sneak thief trying to get into the station..
Head shot OOA result.  This attacker would later succumb to this wound at the end of the scenario.

THE STATION IS UNDER ATTACK!  Claxxon sirens start wailing and the away team is notified of the disturbance.

But these sun dagger threats are not leaving without the data files they desperately want...
Two of them leap into the docking bay.

Thwap!  monofiliment slings through the air and blasts stickily onto the docking bay walls. Misses comically drip with no trapped security fources from the side of the Mech ship.

More psychers pour through the entrance.

Chaos in the entry way.

Dodging into the cover provided by landing bay machinery the sun daggers trap one guard with webber fire.

Approaching a security guard from behind to put a psych attack onto his mind the trooper spins and delivers a quick snap head shot to the intruder.  This attacker would survive this ordeal with a graze to the cranium.

...but blapp!!  he is webbed from behind!

"Cease and desist!  You are in a secured area! Drop your weapon!!"

BLLLAAAPPP!!!! have some web!

At the data port! Requires two target rolls of 15+.  One succeeds.  The files of the Glenville are at compromise level!!!!

seconds tick by....

Covering fire for the technician as he tries to access the data bank....

Security detail is locked up tight.  No OOA but a lot of webber fire seals this attack.
"We need to get back to the ship!!"  Scenario two:  will the STAR force team return to find a rode hard data bank, or a team of sneak thieves still in caught in the act.

Tune in next time for, "Hey, Don't do That!"

Happy New Year Gaming Friends!!


  1. Cool report...had thought of doing something similar. Can I ask how you worked out scaling-up the ranges and measurements?

  2. Use an 18" ruler painted in 3" bands. Treat each band as 1". So scaled up to 1" = 3".