Monday, December 19, 2016

Viktory II Solo

On the first day of my Christmas vacation I,  ... out my Viktory II boardgame and set up a four player map.  I randomly drew capitals out of my cap to set up the start points on the map.  I poured a nice Makers Mark and enjoyed about 6 turns of the game playing solo and watching the Fox news special on Patriots about the battle of Trenton and the American Recolution.

Today I just finished two turns and am going over all the rules to make sure I know how to play the game correctly.  I absolutely love the miniatures in this game and really like the way the board is revealed in the initial play.

That is not snow up in the NE.  Those are still unexplored terrain areas on the map. I like Green's position with the inland sea.

I think this game is out of print.  If you can find a copy and like combined arms 18th century flavor I would recommend the title.

The Yellow guard units at the capital.

The frontier between Redland and Bluvonia.

Red threatens Bluvonian capital.


  1. I've not seen this game before. Looks interesting!

  2. No, the game is not out of print. Find it here:
    The guys on BGG seem to like it.

  3. I dug this out to actually try and keep myself from buying RISK Europe. It didn't work. I ended up buying RISK Europe.