Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tape Monkey Geek

 On there is a thrifter's term for the people that work in the backrooms of thrift stores.  The term generally is applied if the worker excessively tapes up a board game box with egregious amounts of tape.  While I have not fallen into the habit of spasms of tape, I have joined the ranks of thrift shop volunteers at the local Hillcrest Thrift shop.  Here I can be seen in action.  Price gun in hand.  I have priced and shelved all of the games on the cart.
The "Tape Monkey" in his natural habitat.

I played an impromptu war game yesterday at work.  I was watching the kids draw and I thought about a one index card ship.  I designed this little model cut from one index card.  Images will tell the story.

The fleet returns home with it's prize ship.

The North Star is captured by the Hartman and the Eagle.

Four index cards and a pair of dice.  Pretty simple gaming.

Cleaned up and xacto cut ship.  I like them a lot.


  1. Damned impressive! The best I could do with an index card would be something like, "sort of a space asteroid".

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  2. Now see, if I was still a kid, you'd be that 'cool adult' that does amazing stuff!