Friday, October 3, 2014

Song of Arthur and Merlin

The Battle at the Ford.
The table.

Mordred and his retinue.

Round table knights from Camelot enroute to Lincoln for a tourney.

Crossing a disputed ford.

None shall pass.

Song of Arthur and Merlin.

Mordred's forces defend the ford.

Arthur's knights just keep coming and in stronger numbers.

Mordred is unhorsed and will eventually leave the field.

The retinue fights on but the victory goes to the knights of the round table.

The ford is captured.

Great game and wicked awesome figures.  Stay tuned this one is heating up.


  1. Nice looking game, beauitful minis!

  2. Thanks for sharing. You guys have some fun games!

  3. Another great looking game! Fantastic. Where are the trees from? For some reason they really seem to suit the figures and the theme of the game. I like the overall effect a lot! You are a lucky group of gamers!

  4. The trees were made by me from corrugated cardboard box material, a lot of hot glue for the bark, caulking for the foliage, spray and latex paints for color. They can be pulled apart at the center to stack up for storage.

    1. Thanks for the information! The work and effort you put into your games really pays off!