Friday, August 22, 2014

Secondhand Lion's Game Night

The Thursday night regulars had a HotT throwdown this week with two battlefields featured.  On table 1 was the Crusades armies with some fantasy elements added.  The Saracen army fielded a flying carpet and a djinn magician.  The Crusader army was pretty historical but had some added heroic elements like a paladin and some relic bearing heroes. 

 On table number 2 was a Roman vs. Gaul scrum reminiscent of the opening scenes from Gladiator the movie.  I think they played pretty historical elements but with 40 point armies.  In fact all armies this evening were expanded to 40 points of Hordes elements.

I really like the look and feel of these Supreme Plastics figures.  They are prepainted rubber 60mm and make for fun to build and great to play armies.  Best part of the hobby is the game, beer, and good friends.


  1. Looking good. What were your rules for the elephant?

  2. If you are familiar with this rule set hordes of the things, the elephant was run as a behemoth.

  3. It was a hoot to play and our game was truly more fluid than most HotT/DBA outings.

  4. Hi. I really enjoy your blog and was wondering if I could use a couple of images from this post in my next post concerning Supreme figures (not easy to get here in the UK). A well known figure retailer over here holds the opinion that they are junk, but I feel your games show otherwise. best regards

  5. Yes of course. You have my permission to link to this post or use the images copied. Let me know if you need more images. I could email them.
    Send me a link to your blog as well I would like to see your write up.
    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks Ken, I have made use of a couple of your images, primarily in a rant against a bad tempered dealer over here...but take a look at the rest of the blog.
      very best regards