Monday, April 14, 2014

MACT* of Mechs Culling the Herd

When is it too much?
I have been in need of a shakedown parade formation so over the weekend I poured all my Mechwarrior stuff onto the game table and assessed need, want, space limits and culled the herd.

Take a walk around the 6' x 8' table with me and see four of my Mechwarrior Dark Ages armies.  Above is Swordsworn.  Mechs, tanks, infantry and air support.
Dragon's Fury Mechs, tanks, infantry, air support....

Highlander Mechs, tanks, infantry and air support.

Clan Spirit Cats.  Yet to be unboxed.  They are in the image below as well.
BOOM.  Okay I have a problem.
This is the cutting floor box.
* Metric Ass Crap Ton ( a rude judgement of measurement when there is a lot.)

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