Tuesday, August 27, 2013

54mm Pass in Review II

The Balance of the Collection

Our tour of the collection resumes with the Confederates first this time.  What follows is the toy soldiers added to my MARX collection.  As 54mm plastic figures started being released for this war, I began adding to my collection and really committed to becoming a 54mm wargamer.  In the 90's Accurate brand began releasing a set of 54mm figures in boxes of twenty.  I did the math and figured out how many boxes I needed to create sets of 20 "like" poses to create my regiments.  I think it was 10 boxes would get you 20 of the same pose, with a lot of command and officers left over.  So I dove in and invited the local gaming community to join me in painting up a regiment for a VBACW game to be held at the local HAHMGS convention.  This was an anchor event in the history of my ACW collection.  I would guarantee to paint the opposition of any troops that fellow gamers would paint.  This was taken up by 5 enthusiasts and I will share some of their work that is now in my collection.
The first wargamer that I want to highlight is the late, Greg Nichols.  Here we see his three Confederate regiments that were painted to play in the great VBACW game at the Kansas City Heart of America Historical Miniature Games Society convention.  This is a Louisiana Regiment and I show the hand painted flag in reverse below. 
These three regiments were willed to me upon Greg's death.

Painted by Greg Nichols.

Accurate figures in regiments of 23 figures on 3x3 stand.  Painted by Greg Nichols.
(Image unavailable)

Charbens figures painted by Kenneth Van Pelt

Mike Polsen's Confederates painted for the VBACW game.

A very nice set of Accurate Calvary given to me by Ted Conn. Intentional spelling and pronunciation.

My Confederate artillery with Accurate figures manning the Dulcop guns.

The general Robert E. Lee and an officer.

The Union Parades by in the Pass in Review

German troops out of St. Louis.  These troops are painted in the uniform colors of the 1st Missouri and fought with General Lyon at the battle of Wilson's Creek.   These miniatures have been to the actual battlefield and were used in a Boy's Scout demonstration game on the actual battlefield.
 Grey clad Union troops.

7th NY. Painted by Jon Mark Haworth.  These were painted for the VBACW game.

Accurate figures painted for VBACW in the 1990's.

Accurate figures.

BMC miniatures.  Later in the 2000's I started getting more ACW miniatures and these while of lesser quality belong in a collection when they are painted well and based they can certainly be used for wargaming especially at conventions where rough treatment is the norm.

A caisson by Accurate  IMEX pulling a cast metal cannon.  These were painted by my high school students at Southwest Early College Campus.

Thanks for looking in once again.  I hope you have enjoyed the collection.  There is more to come.
I will be playing these figures in several Gettysburg related scenarios at the upcoming Recruits Convention in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  The convention takes place at the local high school and is very inexpensive to attend and has been a great show the last 10 years or so.


  1. Ken,

    What does VBACW stand for? (Volley and Bayonet American Civil War maybe?)

    Best regards,


  2. A great collection Ken, thanks for sharing it with us. My interest in ACW has recently been rekindled after taking part in a 54mm multi player Gettysburg game. We each brought along several Regiments and it was played outdoors in a garden at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst by members of the Funny Little Wars YahooGroup, I thought it looked quite spectacular (oh and the Rebs won!).
    Best wishes, Brian

  3. @Brian,
    I have seen blog posts on your Funny Little Wars game. Outstanding! I applaud the gregarious gamer that will take his toys outside. I do in the case of my WWI airplane game - you can see on this blog.

  4. Chris,
    VBACW stands for "VERY BIG American Civil War" rules. Volley and Bayonet came out after our rules. This vocabulary seems geeky now but at the time we wrote these rules up, David Letterman in his tv show was always using Big Ass ______(fill in the blank). Anyway, VB is always used to mean Very Big...

  5. Very nice collection. I find myself wanting to collect 54mm. I have started with some Mexican Infantry and Texans at least.