Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cherilea Vikings and Saxons Clash in a Secondhand Lion's Old School Battle

 Ragnor Lothbrok and his brother Rollo have arrayed their hyrd in a defensive position near the river and await the tribute from King Aella.
Floki goes for the devious end around assault on Aella's right flank.

The Saxon host is taking the high ground just beyond spear range and raining arrows down into the camp.
Rollo goes impetuous and is way out in front on the Viking Right flank.

There would be no "indians in the woods this night."


  1. Brilliant stuff! Those old Cherilea figures are a joy to behold.
    Best wishes, Brian

    1. Thanks guys, I have had these for years. Finally got them to the table after I had my students paint them.

  2. Great looking game. I do like the flare of those old Cherilea figures.