Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Battlestar Gallactica Sorta

Launch Vipers.  We have incoming contacts on two sectors.

Ceylon raiders approaching.  Move to intercept....


Another nifty little one off game using US Toy Spacers and a Thrifted Battle Cruiser....

Poker chip, dry wall, ship....

Pipe cleaner measurements were, green means go and red and yellow is fire. Hit modifiers were 1 length  4,5,6, 2 lengths away 5,6 and three lengths away hit on a 6.  We kept flights in sets of three and when you took a hit you removed a fighter.  When the flight was totalled you could bring it in on the game edge again for the Ceylons and the Vipers could launch another flight from the Battle Cruiser.  The Battle Cruiser only had 10 hit points and when it was completely full on hits the game ended.

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  1. Ken,

    Your blog, as always, is a source of inspiration to me, not to mention envy at how active your group is, and how much fun you guys have doing what you do.

    You are probably aware of this company already, but in case not, American Science & Surplus is a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful, with many useful items. In terms of space ships, they sell pieces from the old "Buck Rogers" game at throw away prices, and larger ships with a retro look that are not quite as cheap: http://www.sciplus.com/ (check under toys).

    If you should decide to order the Buck Rogers gun turrets, please let me know beforehand, as I ordered some awhile back (the minimum amount), and wound up with a LOT of them--far more than I will ever, ever use. I'd be happy to send you some.

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson