Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HOTT Wargame in the Lion's Den

The Secondhand Lions gathered to play a Hordes of the Things scenario created using Battlemasters figures and some Games Workshop items thrown in.  The story begins in the decline of the Empire and the overrun western reaches of the kingdom that have fallen to the "unclean"ones.  The Beastman bellows on the rutting field where once the choirs of the western wall performed in the great hall.
The host of beastmen assemble to go into the marsh and attack the empire.

The crumbling towers of the once beautiful empire city of the western wall.  A beastman herd stone can be seen erected in the distance.  Deployed within the ruins is a herd of beastman and their magi leader on the parapet of the gate.

The Empire has assembled a host of knights errant to combat the great gathering.

Grunting and bellowing.

The beasts look into the distance as the empire assembles it's knights.

The beasts try and hide in the marshy bad going and wait out the attack.  It must come mustn't it?

Noone said there'd be birds.  The Empire host has called on help from the heavens in the pressence of an aerial hero.  Scratch one magician.

The empire attack does come.  The hammer and anvil begin to ring out!

Hordes of the Things in it's glory.  This game featured two 70+ point armies.  We used 3D6 to roll for AP and the two generals of the side would share one common die.  Gave some good results and some command friction.

This horrible shot is the only one I got of the sub-general minotaur being attacked by two aerial heros from the empire. This was the game ender move by the empire and they won very easily with 40AP to about 16AP.

Thanks for looking in. 

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