Friday, May 20, 2011

Song of Arthur and Merlin Song of Blades and Heroes

King Vortigern had given the summons to call out the retinue. All artificers and craftsmen had been summoned to build a tower of refuge for the king. The land was invaded and loyal house knights must earn their keep and pay homage to the usurper king and try and keep their fief controlled and free of invading looters.
Sir Gafannon, Sir Tylyd, and Sir Tywain and the men at arms that were in the vicinity of Lincoln castle began a progress of the fief looking for invaders. Duke Aeron knew that being so far to the north of London it was not likely that a large army was in the area...

Near the perilous chapel an enemy patrol was encountered. Saxons mounted on horseback and a fyrd levy were looting the local countryside.

The Song of Blades was commenced.

Sir Tylyd and Tywain charge in amongst the fyrdmen. Hacking and slaying the enemy.

Sir Tylyd pokes the Saxon Rider right in the eye!!
The evening ended with one of my favorite kinetic adventure games. Dragon Strike MB.

and I got the Dragon's eggs out of the cave and won.


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  1. Looks like great fun :-D
    Those mounted knights look very good.