Thursday, January 1, 2015

Afghanisraq Micro Armor in the Sandbox

I need a name for my sandbox campaign and micro armor gaming.  I want to do fictional missions in the modern era in 1/285th scale and have heard the term Iraqistan, Afraqistan, and then Afghanisrq.  Hmmm. I cannot decide as yet what will be my working word to tie into this game set.  What follows is my first solo mission.  The GHQ Command Pack MRAP US Urban Combat team is fighting the AlQada/Mujahadin Command box set.

What follows is a Hordes of the Things Modern US force at about 36 points vs. 50+ points of insurgents.

The insurgents came on in spurts as we entered encounter areas.  I use this in my Vietnam gaming and decided to try it here.  The game area of operations has Rummy Tiles scattered  across it that are keyed to the encounters from the insurgent collection.

The tray below has a matching tile that tells you what to add to the table as the tiles are turned over.  So I get to play solo against a randomly generated enemy with a decent amount of fog of war.

I also use a die roll between each turn that generates an offensive attack on a roll of 5,6 on a 1D6.  I charted the attacks with 1-3 sniper, 4-6 IED.

My lifelong gaming buddy staring me down over a piece of pizza.

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